12| December 3, 1916


Copy of letter to papa:-

                                                                                                                                                                  Paris, France.

                                                                                                                                                                  Dec. 3, 1916.


Dearest dad & folks:-

                  Before I go to bed I’ll write you just a line, for I haven’t written you for quite a few days.

                  For a few days lately I have been attached to the staff car of the section, that is, I have been taking care of going along with, and sometimes driving the Packard Six touring car which is used for the chef of our section. In this way I get around and see things different from those seen driving an ambulance.

It is interesting work for a change, but of course I expect to drive an ambulance again soon. For a couple of days lately, Mr. Harjes, who is the head of our section, has been out here with us and he is very good to all of us. When he has been riding around in the staff car with us, I have had some pleasant talks with him. As you know, Mr. Harjes is a partner of J.P. Morgan & Co. of New York and is perhaps the biggest financial man in France.

                  We have again changed our headquarters and are now in a nice village quite a long ways from the lines, but we expect soon to get some more active work again, which is what all of the fellows want as it is much more interesting. What small occasional danger there might be is not as bad as you might think it is and we are all getting along fine.

                  My mandolin, which was left in Paris, has been sent out here to me and this evening we all sang and I played the mandolin for a couple of hours. It is nice to hear a few strains of music out in this region.

Nearly three months I’ve served with this section now and so my permission of six days is soon due. I may spend them in Paris or may go with a friend to some place in southern France.

                  As I have written before, it is rather inconvenient to write letters here because the place where we live is usually rather dark and chilly. We are outside all day and only in here in the evenings but as we have lots of bed clothes and blankets we all keep warm and in good health.

                  I trust that you are all in good health and assure you that I am in good health and feeling fine, also rest assured that I am in good keeping at all times.

                  With best love to all,

                                    Your affectionate son,



Title: Letter 12, Luther Nelson to Dad and Folks
Date: 1916 December 3
Collection: RG1/051, Luther Nelson Collection, 1916-1918
Repository: Archives of the American Field Service and AFS Intercultural Programs
Creator: Nelson, Luther
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