16| January 19, 1917


      S.S. Americaine No. 5,
Formation Harjes,
B.C.M. Paris,
Convois Automobile
Jan. 19- 1917.

Dear brother Julius:

                  For the past month we were very busy, working in the immediate vicinity of Verdun. Now we are on repose some distance from the front and after a couples of weeks expect to go back to active work again. After a period of strenuous work our division of the army and our sanitary section are put “en repose” in some village back from the lines and in the division the vacancies caused by wounded and deaths are filled up and in our section we get a chance to repair our cards and put them in first class shape again.

                  For the last week we have had about eight inches of snow, quite remarkable for this section of France. This causes the roads to become slippery and increases the work to care for the machines, for our cars are always in the open and we have to take measures against freezing and also keep them in good shape so they will start in this cold weather.

                  In my last letter I think I told you of my permission during the holidays that I spent in southern France. I enjoyed it very much for it certainly is a beautiful country.

                  In regard to the money you have been sending me, I think I have recieved [sic] all O.K. but I may not have acknowledged receipt because of so many other things occupying my mind at the time of writing. In your letter of Dec. 11 you added that you were making arrangements to send me 100 francs on the next day. That amount I have not as yet recieved [sic] but trust that it will reach me O.K.

                  The packages that you mention as having been sent, I have not as yet recieved [sic] but trust that they also will arrive in due time. I thank you for these packages that you have been so kind to send, but I think that since it is so difficult to send them and uncertain of reciept [sic], it would not be advisable to send any more. Although all the articles you send fill a need, I have not any especial [sic] want for things now.

                  The term of my engagement will be finished the first of March. At this time it is my intention of then going into Paris and get some sort of a job, if possible, and work for awhile [sic] in Paris. I think it will not be too difficult to find work, for I think Mr. Harjes will furnish me with a reference. What sort of work, I do not know, but anything to keep me going, while I learn the business methods and get a more thorough knowledge of French. At present I am able to carry on an ordinary conversation with the French soldiers, but aspire to a better understanding of the language.

                  My health is of the best and trust that this finds you all well, happy and prosperous.

                  With love to Mary and Osmond, Ever your brother



Title: Letter 16, Luther Nelson to Brother Julius
Date: 1917 January 19
Collection: RG1/051, Luther Nelson Collection, 1916-1918
Repository: Archives of the American Field Service and AFS Intercultural Programs
Creator: Nelson, Luther
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