Within each topic listed below you will encounter and work with the following components:

  • An Overview containing Essential Questions that frame the issues behind the topic; Objectives for student learning; United States and International Curriculum Standards for measuring Assessment; and estimated Time and necessary Materials needed to complete the lesson plans in each topic.
  • A Background Essay written by a specialist and providing insight and context for the lesson plans. The essay can be read by both students and educators.
  • Instructions for each lesson plan, including an Activator that elicits students’ prior knowledge and serves to engage students in an underlying theme or question, helping to bridge between past and present and demonstrating the global learning implications of the historical material at hand; the Lesson or Lessons, which include handouts, questions for reflection and discussion, and tasks for students to complete using a wide array of unique primary sources; and an Extension Activity that engages students in global citizenship education, and complements, deepens, or extends learning of the historical topic, including through immersion in research tasks or presentations that can be adapted to the needs of your class or those of individual students.
  • Attachments which can be used as lesson plan handouts. Additionally, each topic directs you to a curated collection of maps, articles, websites, books, and videos to support and enrich your teaching, found in the Resources section of the Teacher Toolkit.
  • Color-coded Tips, which will help to enhance your teaching experience, adapt activities to the global classroom, and provide optional, related homework assignments for students.