The Volunteers: Americans Join World War I, 1914-1919 was created by AFS Intercultural Programs, together with a distinguished Curriculum Development Committee of historians, educators, and archivists. The lesson plans were developed in partnership with the National World War I Museum and Memorial and Primary Source, a non-profit resource center dedicated to advancing global education.

Curriculum Development Committee

Chair: Nicole Milano
Head Archivist and Historical Publications Editor, AFS Intercultural Programs

Melissa Liles
Chief Education Officer, AFS Intercultural Programs

Dr. Christopher Capozzola
Associate Professor of History, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. Sophie De Schaepdrijver
Associate Professor of History, The Pennsylvania State University

PD Dr. Axel Jansen
Professor of History, University of Tübingen

Dr. Tonya Muro
Executive Director, iEARN-USA

Claire Rozier
Former School Relations, ICL and Training Coordinator, AFS Vivre Sans Frontière

Lora Vogt
Curator of Education, National World War I Museum and Memorial

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